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「創新香港 - 國際人才嘉年華2023」


“Innovating Hong Kong - Global Talent Carnival 2023”

Terms of application and Exhibition Rules & Regulations

  1. 申請會否被接納取決於多種因素,包括可供使用空間的情況。主辦機構有權分配展覽面積及位置。Whether an application will be accepted depends on a number of factors, including space availability. 

  2. 申請表上列出之參展費並不代表參展商應繳的最終費用。最終參展費由主辦機構決定。The Participation fee stipulated on the application form should not be regarded as the final fee payable by the Exhibitor. The final fee is subject to the confirmation by the Organizer. 

  3. 申請將會按遞交日期及過往參與記錄順序處理。Applicants will be prioritized according to the dates of the applications and the history of participation. 

  4. 所有角位展位視乎供應而提供。在申請時提出或已繳付角位附加費,均不能保證獲得安排角位展位。All corner booths are subject to availability, applying for corner booths in the application form and setting corner surcharges do NOT mean a corner location is guaranteed. 

  5. 特裝展位參展商之展位設計須交主辦機構審批。The booth design of Custom-built Participation exhibitor is subject to the approval of the Organizer. 

  6. 創新香港-國際人才嘉年華 2023 參展商將獲優先權參展。Past exhibitors of Innovating Hong Kong Global Talent Carnival 2023 will be given priority in participation  

  7. 參展表格具有法律作用;The application form is legally binding;    

  8. 參展商須保證所填內容均為正確資料;The exhibitor acknowledges that all information provided is correct and accurate;

  9. 參展商須保證及時支付所需費用至主辦機構指定賬戶;The exhibitor should settle any required payment in time to the organizer’s designated bank account;

  10. 參展商須保證展會工作人員均為合法僱員,並按照適用法律的要求提供僱員賠償保險;The exhibitor acknowledges that all their staff involved are legally employed. The exhibitor should provide labour insurance to their staff involved as legally required;

  11. 因不能預見的不可抗力客觀事件,包括但不限於戰爭、可能的戰爭威脅、暴亂或其他社會騷動、起義、不可抗力、政府禁令或其他超國家的法律禁令、工貿爭端、火災、爆炸、暴雨、洪水、雷電、地震等自然災害等事件影響,活動可能延期或取消。對於未能履行的部分或全部責任,主辦機構不負賠償責任。Due to unforeseeable force majeure such as but not limited to war, potential warfare, riot and other social   disturbances, uprising, force majeure, government ban, trade conflict, fire, explosion, natural disasters such as heavy rain, floods, lightning, earthquakes etc, the event may be postponed or cancel. The organizer is not responsible for the complete or partial terms obligations unfulfilled due to these circumstances.

  12. 主辦機構有權根據活動需求進行場地調整,參展商不能再提出異議; The organizer has the right to make changes to the venue in order to meet the requirements of the event, and the exhibitor is bound by such changes;

  13. 參展商若有任何不遵守規定的行為,主辦機構有權要求其離場,並不退還任何費用; If the exhibitor fails to comply with any of these rules and regulations, the organizer may ask them to leave immediately, and no refund will be given;

  14. 參展商必須支付總費用的20%作為按金費用,以維持活動的順利進行;主辦機構將於活動結束後的30日內歸還按金費用,如有損害賠償要求,將由參展商負責; Pay a 20% of the total fee as a deposit fee to ensure the smooth running of the event. The organizer will return the deposit within 30 days after the event. If there is any damage, the exhibitor will be held responsible for the compensation.

  15. 參展商必須遵守以下規定,否則主辦機構有權扣除按金(每項 $2000):Exhibitors are required to comply with the following regulations, otherwise the organizer will deduct the deposit ($2000 for each item)
    A. 準時到場,不得提前離場;Be punctual and not leave the exhibition early;
    B. 展位必須準備展板,以展示自己的產品和服務;Prepare exhibition boards at the booth to showcase their products and services;
    C. 在活動舉辦前2星期之內完成費用的支付;Complete the payment for fees within 2 weeks prior to the event;
    D. 不容許以下之物品於展覽期間陳列/展示/提供銷售/售賣派發:The following items are not allowed to be displayed/displayed/offered for sale/distributed during the exhibition:
    I. 攻擊及危險性物品Attacks and dangerous objects
    II. 淫褻及不雅物品(根據《淫褻及不雅物品管制條例》(香港法例第 390 章)評定為淫褻及不雅) Obscenity and indecent material (evaluated as obscene and indecent according to the "Control of Obscenity and Indecent Material Ordinance" (Chapter 390 of the Laws of Hong Kong))
    III. 標示為禁止向未成年人士(十八歲以下)出售/發佈或帶有類似意思標語的物品The logo is prohibited to stop selling/publishing to minors (under the age of 18) or items with similar slogans

  16. 參展表格自參展商代表簽署之後生效,主辦機構及參展商均須遵守執行。對於未盡事宜及修改,雙方應本著友好合作精神通過協商解決。The application form comes into effect upon signature by representatives of the exhibitor. It is then legally binding to both the organizer and the exhibitor. Revision or supplements not mentioned herein should be reached through negotiation based on a friendly collaborative spirit.

  17. 申請參加「創新香港-國際人才嘉年華 2023」,並同意遵守主辦機構訂定的申請條款及展覽會規則。本公司 確認已獲得此表格所述人士同意,將其個人資料提供於主辦機構。同時,主辦機構可將上述資料轉交其他 機構,作為推廣活動之用。本公司同意,上述資料如有錯漏,主辦機構毋須負責。 hereby apply for joining ‘Innovating Hong Kong-Global Talent Carnival 2023’. We agree to abide by the 'Terms of application and Exhibition Rules & Regulations' set out by the Organizer. We confirm that we have the consent of each individual’s name in this form to release their personal date for purposes stated herein. The Organizers can on-pass our information to third parties for promotion of ‘Innovating Hong Kong Global Talent Carnival 2023’. We accept that the bears no responsibility for any error or omission.

  18. 最終解釋權歸主辦機構所有。The organizer reserves the right to interpret the above terms and conditions.

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