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1.   創新智能時代的到來
2.   ⾹港對粵港澳大灣區作用
3.   企業與國際人才的需求


  1. Gather Global Talents Together
In this era of intelligence, a great deal of change has taken place in areas such as economic growth and social culture. All businesses, capitals, and governments want to seize the opportunities and enhance their competitiveness. They want to occupy an important place in the global economic and cultural landscape and outperform the era of intelligence. It is especially important to attract young talents, especially those with the qualities of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.
2. Role of Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s outstanding geographical location, its economic environment, its open atmosphere and its role as a bond between China and the West attract Mainland students, Hong Kong students and international students who are studying in different parts of the world and have a global vision. The fact that the Hong Kong government attaches great importance to and have demands for talents prompts the city to become a good starting point for China to serve international talents and a good port for integrating excellent human resources from all over the world. Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area are working together to build an international talent pool for the country. 
3. Demand of Enterprises and International Talents
The demand for talents of the enterprises in the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong itself is increasing. At the same time, international talents are witnessing China’s rapid development and their demand for working in China is increasing in the tide of “coming back to China”. At present, between talents and enterprise information in the Greater Bay Area, the matching is hard to achieve, the cost is high and the approach is limited. Both talents and enterprises need more effective recruitment methods. 

Mission and Vision



mission of innovating hong kong
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